Christmas is one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year, so why not get proactive now.

3 Reasons to Start your Christmas Shopping Early |

Here are my top 3 reasons to get proactive and start Christmas shopping early


1. Thoughtful consideration


Gifts can often be a tricky thing especially when you have to get a gift at the last minute. It is often said it ‘the thought that counts” and this is so very true. Thoughtful consideration towards great gift ideas can trump spending lots of money on gifts that people truly don’t like of appreciate.

So remember that you are not trying to make the receiver’s dreams come true , you’re giving them a token of thanks, love and appreciation. Present should not break the bank.

2. Planning ahead


Being proactive and getting started early is key to reducing stress at Christmas.  I find the best way to start is by setting a gift budget and creating a list of people you are giving gifts to plus adding in the provision for unexpected additions. Once you have your list of people I like to break my budget down across the list of people. And then take action on step one and list out ideas for each person.

3. Shop early to save money


Once my list is complete it is time to look out for bargains and start shopping early. I like to keep my eye out for bargain throughout the year, if I buy a gift really early on in the year it is usually a unisex gift or a gift purchased with a couple of people in mind.

The last thing you want is expensive last minute that put an unexpected dent in your bank account.

Hope these tips help you get on your Christmas  game early for a stress reduced Christmas.

Part 1 of My Christmas Survival Guide – 3 Reasons to Start your Christmas Shopping Early