Hello there!

I’m Rebecca and welcome to my kitchen.

I’m a self-taught cook  with a very sweet tooth and a passion for making and baking pretty things. I live in Perth, Australia with my wonderful husband Nathan and our dog Bailey.

Bailey - RebeccaMacTavish.com

My favorites treats include anything coconut, popcorn and peanut m&ms. My philosophy is everything in moderation, where maintaining balance is the key, whether it be food, fitness and fun.

The kitchen is my go to place and creative escape and RebeccaMacTavish.com was inspired by my love of sharing.

Rebecca - RebeccaMacTavish.com

I love the word GATHER and all it inspires… Food, ingredients, and home grown produce; Friends, Family and new friends alike. One of my greatest joys is seeing the enjoyment of their faces when they eat my creations and gather in my home.

I look forward to the exciting times ahead. Let’s create beautiful food, feast with friends, gather with loved ones and embark on many new adventures.

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