Intentions-Resolutions-Focus Words-for-2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

Its that time again! Time to set intentions and resolutions for the New Year!

The end of one year and the start of another is often a time of reflection and to explore our successes and failures of that year. I find that the start of a new year is a great time to re-evaluate and ask myself what could I have done better, what would I change and what makes me truly happy. Asking ourselves is great but do we make the most of the answers to these are personal growth questions?

Continuous growth is often challenging and painful but is proof of our resilience and our desire to be our continued best self as our interests and values shift over time. It is my experience that having intentions and resolution give structured guide lines to these crazy busy lives that we live.

For me, I like to set intentions and resolutions (achievable goals) at the start of each new year; and this year I’m adding a focus word.

So what are resolution and intentions and why could we benefit from having them.


Intentions are great way to embrace change as well as giving purpose and direction. Intentions help set the scene answer one these,  What do you want the bigger picture to be? How do you want to be living your life? For example one of my intentions is to living a fit and health life.


One you know your intentions you can look at your resolutions or achievable goals. These are  specific measurable actions or targets that I want to achieve during the next 12 months. They help us paint the picture. Most of my resolutions have started small and simple and over the last couple of years I have been adding to them and making them more challenging as I master each stage.

So when I first set the intention to live a fit and healthy life, my first resolutions was to exercise at medium-high intensity for 1 hour per week. What this actually looked like was me introducing my-self to the then scary world of the GYM and doing a lot of cardio and pin assisted weight machines.

Focus Words

So now that yo have set your intentions and your resolutions now its time to find a word that you want your year to be about, giving guidance when decisions need to be made and how to approach all aspects of your life for this one year. It will also help to determine the kind of person you want to become and define a solid mind set for the year. If you loose your way or go off track your focus word is a gentle reminder of what to do and re-inspire you. Some great examples of focus words are Health, Courage, Grow, Balance,  Community, Heal

So here are my intentions, resolution and focus word for 2018.


STRONG – Mind, Body & Community


I intend to be the fittest and healthiest me.

  • Exercise 3 times per week
  • Try a get 10,00 steps per day
  • 260 dog walks with my Husband
  • Eat less processed foods and more whole foods

I intend to strengthen personal relationships.

  • Regular quality time with people who are important to me.

I intend to reduce expenses but not fun and save some money.

  • Be mindful of our savings plan and budget
  • Save 1/2 our combined income

I intend prioritise and make time for growing my personal brand.

  • 60 blog posts
  • 1,000 Instagram followers
  • Start a YouTube channel

I would LOVE to hear what your intentions, resolution and focus word are for 2018.